Thanksgiving Wines

For some the challenge of bringing wines to your Thanksgiving day dinner is exciting, knowing what to pair with what can be fun. And for others it can be a stressful time, not knowing where to start! So I thought I’d put together a list of options ranging from wines to start and wines to end.

Starter wines can range from bubbly to rose, serving subtly different purposes. But typically we would open one of these as we cook or while we wait for folks to to arrive and mingle.






There are so many combinations of wines to foods that you can have, but I feel that the above recommendations will go with almost any dishes served during Thanksgiving, and that your guests or family will enjoy it. I’ve found the sweet spot for many great wines to be within the $20-$50 range. It’s a bit high, I would admit. But the value for money you can get from this range is incredible.

Feel free to leave a comment with your total budget in mind and how many guests, I’d be happy to put together a list for you!

Happy holidays and happy drinking.

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